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200-metre wooden indoor track


Designed and built by velodrome specialist Ralph Schürmann, the indoor track boasts a unique design and was built to very exact specifications and the highest safety standards, whilst its largely round layout is suited to all track events, both speed and endurance. The straights are sufficiently long, however, to give the sprinters the stage they need.

Boasting a width of 6.65 metres, which is anything from 0.65 to 1.65 wider than other 200-metre tracks, the WCC track offers more than enough lateral space for group training sessions.

Built with carefully selected Siberian pine, the smooth, hand-polished surface allows riders to reach very high speeds.



- Length: 200 metres
- Width: 6.65 metres
- Gradient on the bends: 46.7°
- Maximum speed: 80 kmh 
- Track surface (Siberian pine): 1,700m2
- Track sub-structure: wood
- Total volume of wood: 200m3
- Total weight: 120,000kg
- Number of nails used in its construction: 200,000
- Number of screws used in its construction: 50,000


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