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Mechanic training course and wheel building course at the WCC

Alex Roussel and UCI WCC mechanic trainee
Alex Roussel and UCI WCC mechanic trainee

The UCI World Cycling Centre offers two courses for mechanics:


Mechanic training course

This course is aimed at people wishing to pursue a career as a mechanic with a professional team or a National Federation.
The intensive course will include skills such as bike building, wheel building, maintenance, servicing, race preparation, position on the bike, familiarisation with rules and regulations.
As part of their practical training, course participants will work alongside the World Cycling Centre staff and athletes, an ideal way to gain high level experience.

Mechanic training course 2018_information

Mechanic training course 2018_application



Wheels building

Wheel building course 

This course includes the basics of building a wheel, both from a theoretical and of course practical perspective.
In small groups, you will learn all the practical needs for assembling classic wheels. From calculating spoke length, through to lacing spokes, setting tension and down to the last finalising points of wheel building.
With this course and its emphasis on the practical element, you will no doubt leave with the ability to build your very own wheels.

Wheel building course 2018_information and application

Delivered by 

Jean-Louis Guihard--Thébault, WCC tutor and Alex Roussel WCC Manager Mechanics and former mechanic to professional teams.

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