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Trials: Kenny Belaey and Tatiana Janickova review 2017

Kenny Belaey - Tatiana Janickova
Kenny Belaey - Tatiana Janickova

We continue our series featuring members of the UCI Athletes’ Commission. Today, trials specialists Kenny Belaey and Tatiana Janickova look back on their year: the highs, the lows and the memorable moments.

Kenny Belaey, Belgium 

• Four-time UCI World Champion
• Six-time overall UCI World Cup winner
• Extreme sportsman, performer and ambassador.

Tatiana Janickova, Slovakia

• Two-time UCI World Champion (2013-2014)
• Four-time overall UCI World Cup winner (2012-2015).

Personal sporting highlight of the year

K.B. Winning my 14th Elite World Championshps medal out of 16 participations was really awesome. 

Disappointment / bad moment of the year

K.B. I haven't had any real disappointing moments. But to name maybe one, is the fact I got third at the UCI World Championships with the same number of points as first and second place… just because I put my foot down once too many in a very silly way. So that was a bummer, yet bronze is good as well.

Kenny Belaey - 2017 UCI Urban Cycling

T.J. One of the hardest moments of this year was to make the decision to take a break from trials. It was something new for me to watch the competition only as a spectator and to have all that free time.

My biggest surprise of the year

K.B. Winning a bronze medal at the opening round of the UCI World Cup at my hometown Aalter with 3 broken ribs. A week before I wasn't even sure I would be able to participate: the pain was unbearable.  

T.J. The UCI Urban Cycling in China were my biggest surprise of the year, even though I wasn't there. It was a completely new format for the World Champs with new rules, and we didn't know what to expect.

Anecdote of the year

K.B At a video project in the Norwegian fjords where I dropped down on to the Kjerag Bolten boulder, 984m above the ground, I lost my balance just a little bit and something inside me stopped me from trying it again. Even though I was never really in danger, I just couldn't do it anymore. The fact I hiked up for 4 hours carrying two bikes was probably the reason. I learned once again to have deep respect for nature.

My cycling hero of the year 

T.J. My cycling heroes of the year are Benito Ros and Kenny Belaey, because they have managed to be at the top of the trials discipline for so many years. And Peter Sagan for winning the UCI Road World Championships for the third time in a row.

Other cycling discipline I would like to try

K.B. I tried the XCE World Champs in China, because it was at the same venue and part of the same event as our Trials World Champs. It was super fun!

T.J. I like all cycling disciplines: they are all interesting in a different way and I wouldn't mind trying all of them.

Tatiana Janickova - 2014 UCI World Champion

My favourite cycling race/competition of the year as a competitor  

K.B. The UCI World Cup in Aalter, because half of my town came to watch, the weather was awesome and the sections were rad. Best event I have ever participated in. 

My favourite cycling race/competition of the year as a spectator

K.B. Prudential Ride London because there are no words to describe how many people participate... just massive, and great promotion for bikes.

T.J.  The UCI Trials World Cup in Antwerp is always one of the best competitions of the year. The whole team did such a good job, the atmosphere was great and the sections looked amazing.

UCI Trials World Cup, Antwerp (BEL)

My sporting ambition(s) for 2018

K.B. Stay healthy and safe, enjoy all training and my shows and go with the flow. 

T.J. My goal is to get back on my bike. Let’s hope that I didn't forget how to ride!

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