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Cycling for All

Statistics and data powering the Cycling Revolution

Almetyevsk, Russia
Almetyevsk, Russia

A better understanding of the full picture of benefits that cycling provides to individuals and society at large is helping the mission of the cycling community of realising a more bike friendly world.

In December 2016, the European Cyclists’ Federation (ECF) released the study: ‘The EU Cycling Economy’.

The headline finding of the study is that across the EU, cycling creates €513.8bn in benefits each year. Today in Europe, around 655,000 people work in the cycling industry. Further, the ECF argues that if cycling’s modal transport share is doubled, an additional 400,000 jobs will be created.

These compelling statistics make a convincing case for greater investment in cycling as a sport and form of everyday transport. Decisions taken by policy makers can hamper or support an increase in cycling – and increasingly such decisions are informed by statistics and data.

Today the ECF is leading the campaign to see the European Union adopt a European Cycling Strategy. In this campaign such data is helping make the clear case for EU investment in cycling. The UCI is backing this important campaign and is working with the ECF to shape the blueprint document for an EU Cycling Strategy. We will also actively campaign for its adoption by the EU; and we encourage all those involved in the sport of cycling to also do so. At the UCI, we believe that developing a better understanding of the socio-economic impact of sports cycling will help us convince public leaders to invest in cycling; helping ensure the growth of cycling in all forms. More and more citizens across the industrialised world turning to cycling, and in other parts of the world bicycle remains a tool for sustainable development. Indeed, the benefits of more cycling are clear: reduced pollution, improved public health, less congestion and more. We welcome this increasing focus on understanding the jobs and economic wealth that cycling also generates.

As work continues on gathering insights, measurements and a better understanding of the actual added socio-economic benefits of cycling, we are looking to support and work with partners who share our ambition of making cycling safer and more accessible for all.

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