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Licence Commission

The Licence Commission is the competent body for issuing, reviewing, withdrawing and attaching conditions to UCI WorldTour licences and ensuring that licence-holders continuously comply with the terms of the licence.

It meets at least once a year to finalise the registration procedure for UCI WorldTeams, but it can also be called upon at any time by the UCI administration to reconsider the awarding of a team’s licence, or even to withdraw it.

The Licence Commission’s decisions are made on the basis of ethical, sporting, financial and administrative criteria.

The Licence Commission is made up of five professionals who work independently of the UCI.

Its President is Mr. Pierre Zappelli, a former Swiss Court Supreme Judge. Its members are Mrs Lamia Allouli, an independent certified accountant and auditor, Messrs André Hurter, former Director of Services Industriels Genevois, a Swiss public company providing local services, Hans Höhener, a former Swiss politician who currently heads private businesses active in the fields of transport (Säntis-Schwebebahn AG), health and sport (Appenzellerland Sport), and Paolo Franz, a senior executive with IBM, a multinational information technology company.



Lamia Allouli (MAR)
André Hurter (SUI)
Hans Höhener (SUI)
Paolo Franz (SUI)


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