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The UCI Cycle-ball World Cup Chronicle

The UCI Cycle-ball World Cup Chronicle
The UCI Cycle-ball World Cup Chronicle

– What happened? –

The home team got off to a perfect start at the first UCI Cycle-ball World Cup tournament held in the brand new cycle-ball arena in Altdorf (Switzerland), which the club itself constructed. The hosts, represented by Roman Schneider and Dominik Planzer, beat Austrian top team Höchst II (Simon König/Florian Fischer) 5-4 in the final. "Many thanks to all the spectators for their sensational support," said the club on its Facebook page.

König/Fischer finished runners-up for the second time in a row but took the lead in the overall UCI World Cup ranking, followed by the German Champions Gerhard and Bernd Mlady (RMC Stein). Stein finished third in what was this season's second UCI World Cup tournament. The UCI World Cup 2016 bronze medallists beat the reigning UCI World Champions Patrick Schnetzer and Markus Bröll (Höchst I/AUT) in the third-place playoff. Mlady/Mlady needed extra time to secure their place on the podium though, eventually prevailing 10-9 (7-7).


Team Altdorf II (Claudio Zotter/Simon Marty) surprised those in attendance with a strong performance as well. Encouraged by the support of their home crowd the top division pair – who were given wild-card as hosts – ended up fifth.

– What's next? –

2017 UCI Cycle-ball World Cup #3: St. Pölten (Austria), 2 September

– Focus on St. Pölten –

As hosts, Michael Schlachtner and Manuel Schlachtner from ARBÖ St. Pölten enter the third round of the 2017 UCI Cycle-ball World Cup thanks to their wild card – something they have done twice before. In 2005, their first UCI World Cup as a duo, they finished in tenth place at their ‘home’ tournament. Two years later they managed the same result. In 2012 Manuel achieved his best UCI World Cup result after teaming up with David Wondra (SV Schwechat) to finish eighth. The following year the Schlachtner duo secured ninth place. Together they won the Austrian second division several times.

The following teams will participate in St. Pölten. Group I: RMC Stein/GER (Gerhard Mlady/Bernd Mlady), TJ Favorit Brno/CZE (Pavel Smid/Jan Havlicek), VC Oftringen/SUI (Daniel Hunziker/Andreas Zaugg), RV Dornbirn/AUT (Stefan Feurstein/Kevin Bachmann), Lochamp/HKG (Man Fai Lo/Ka Kin Chan); Group II: RC Höchst II/AUT (Simon König/Florian Fischer), SC Svitavka/CZE (Jiri Hrdlicka/Pavel Loskot), VC Dorlisheim II/FRA (Thomas Leclerc/Mathias Seyfried), ARBÖ St. Pölten/AUT (Michael Schlachnter/Manuel Schlachtner), Tatai AC/HUN (Orcsik Krausz/Victor Bence).

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