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The UCI Artistic Cycling World Cup Chronicle

Viola Brand
Viola Brand

– What happened ? –

Germany dominated the opening round of the inaugural UCI Artistic Cycling World Cup event in Prague, Czech Republic, winning four of the five competitions.

The reigning UCI World Champions wasted no time making their mark on the World Cup. In the Single Men event, two-time UCI World Champion Lukas Kohl (RMSV Kirchehrenbach/GER) was in fine form, scoring 198.64 points to claim victory, while in the Single Women category, UCI World Champion Milena Slupina (TSV Bernlohe/GER) reinforced her current dominance with a score of 185.08, just three points short of her unofficial world record.

An exciting duel in the Pair Open event ended with a win for recently crowned UCI World Champions Serafin Schefold and Max Hanselmann (RV Öhringen/GER), ahead of former four-time UCI World Champions André and Benedikt Bugner (RSV Klein-Winternheim/GER).

The Pair Women event witnessed the emergence of a new generation following the retirement of three-time UCI World Champions Nadja and Julia Thürmer (Mainz-Finthen/GER), and the non-appearance of silver medallists Lena and Lisa Bringsken (RCV Böhl-Iggelheim/GER) due to illness. Sophie Nattmann and Caroline Wurth (RSV Gutach/GER) dominated the competition in Prague.

The Swiss quartet from RV Sirnach are currently in a league of their own in the ACT4 Open category. UCI World Champions Melanie Schmid, Jennifer Schmid, Céline Burlet and Flavia Zuber posted a world-leading score of 222.41 and take victory in the opening round of the 2018 UCI Artistic Cycling World Cup.

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– What’s next? –

2018 UCI Artistic Cycling World Cup #2, Heerlen, the Netherlands > June 30th

– Focus on Adriana Mathis –

Adriana Mathis

A discreet fourth in the Single Women competition at the opening round of the UCI Artistic Cycling World Cup, Adriana Mathis (ARBÖ RC 11er Meiningen – AUT) should not be overlooked.

Mathis took a surprise victory at the 2015 UCI Indoor Cycling World Championships, the only competitor in the Final 4 to deliver a faultless routine. Injury meant she could not defend her title the following year, but she again graced the podium at the 2017 Worlds, taking the bronze medal.

Although failing to make the podium in Prague last Saturday, the 23-year-old, who is coached by her mother Sabine Mathis, nevertheless performed the handlebar handstand for the first time. Having already competed in six UCI World Championships she has the experience to rival the strong German competition.

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