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Video tutorial: commissaires checking road bikes according to UCI standards 

Commissaires checking bikes
Commissaires checking bikes

National Federations are encouraged to train their commissaires to the standards laid down by the UCI, as well as by their own national regulations. With this in mind, the UCI would like to acknowledge the initiative undertaken by the Referees Committee at RFEC (Royal Spanish Cycling Federation): a 13-minute video, available online, which illustrates the technical regulations concerning the geometry of bikes for Road events.

Although the UCI standardisation procedures in relation to manufacturers of frames, wheels and main parts, which are carried out upon request, have reduced the number of non-standard cases that commissaires could encounter at a race, there are still a certain number of parts and geometric measurements which must be checked before the start of an event. If there is a discrepancy with UCI Regulations, withdrawal of permission to start or disqualification may follow; this is therefore an extremely important check.

Using the Articles of the Regulations, the Spanish commissaires in this video explain the rules by showing the maximum or minimum level for each element. By using one of the measuring jigs (gabarits) provided by the UCI, the testing method is shown in its entirety. The video also shows the different cases linked to the morphology of the rider and the corrective adjustments which must be requested.

The saddle position, for example, is covered by a clear rule, but exceptions are granted on the basis of another regulation: the position of the handlebar extension. This generates several different cases, of which some are permitted and some are not. The video not only allows you to visualise these cases, but also to better understand the logic of the Regulations, and therefore to remember the important sections.

At the end of the video, the new rules allowing the use of a mounted camera, in force since 1 January 2016, are also explained.

This video, available in Spanish and translated by the UCI into French and English, ensures a unique interpretation of the UCI Regulations and a perfect understanding on the part of commissaires, teams, riders and manufacturers.


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