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Cycling for All
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Better cycling infrastructure

Better cycling infrastructure
Better cycling infrastructure

Bike lanes make more people ride – that’s the finding from hundreds of cities across the world that are investing in better infrastructure for cyclists. Without good bike lanes on busy streets, many people simply won’t feel safe enough to share with heavy traffic. Well designed, wide bike lanes should be suitable for everyone to use.

Protected bike lanes
Painting a bike lane isn’t enough to make people feel completely safe. In cities, the best type of infrastructure is protected from other traffic. Protected bike lanes on major roads have started to appear in most major cities in recent years.

Copenhagen has one of the best developed bike networks in the world, and one of the highest levels of cycling of any major city. Over 50% of the residents of the inner city cycle to work. As UCI’s Bike City in 2008, Copenhagen inspired its residents through sport to further increases in cycle use on the city’s infrastructure.

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