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Cycling for All

About Cycling for All

City of Copenhagen
City of Copenhagen

Cycling is unique amongst sports – it is accessible to all as a leisure activity and means of transport. Over two billion people use bikes throughout the world, from all sorts of backgrounds, ages and physical ability.



The Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) has relaunched its UCI Bike City label to support and reward those cities and regions who invest in developing community cycling and related infrastructure.

UCI Gran Fondo World Series

UCI Velothon Majors

The UCI Velothon Majors was launched in 2013, and combines an amateur road race with a pro race: amateur riders are followed by the pros who race on the same course later in the day.

Making roads safe for cycling

The lack of safety of riding a bike in traffic is the main reason given by most people in developed countries for not wanted to ride a bike. Improving the behaviour of road users will protect riders whether they are athletes in training, children cycling to school, or recreational riders.

Giving children a chance to ride

For many adults, it was learning to ride a bike as a child that gave a sense of freedom. UCI wants to ensure that today’s children are able to learn a bike in a supportive, safe environment. Enabling children to experience cycling ensures a future for the sport, helps people lead healthier lives and gives families greater mobility.


Better cycling infrastructure

Bike lanes make more people ride – that’s the finding from hundreds of cities across the world that are investing in better infrastructure for cyclists. Without good bike lanes on busy streets, many people simply won’t feel safe enough to share with heavy traffic. Well designed, wide bike lanes should be suitable for everyone to use.


Cycling for All is everyone’s business. With the support of its National Federations, the UCI wants to work with all those who promote cycling in its different forms. Here are a few useful links.

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